Coronavirus in the United States Las Vegas casino is closed for the first time since 1963

Coronavirus in the United States Las Vegas casino is closed for the first time since 1963

Ground objects Nevada gambling industry – casinos and slot halls – stop work for a month. The decision to implement the measures in the fight against coronavirus was made governor of the state. Information provided Associated Press.

 In addition to the suspension of the gambling facilities, the head of state has ordered the suspension of operation of bars, restaurants, gyms and other recreational and entertainment facilities. The governor of Nevada – not the first who had to introduce such measures. Earlier, similar solutions announced another 10 heads of subjects of the federation. Initially, the call for the closure belonged to President Donald Trump. Information about the closing of casinos in other states is contained in our separate article.

 Note that this situation is for Las Vegas – unprecedented. Previously gambling establishments of the city were closed only once – to pay their respects in connection with President John F. Kennedy’s death. It happened on November 25, 1963.

 Las Vegas casinos to this day were closed only three times. Legalization of gambling activities operators in Nevada took place in 1931.

 The ban also hit popular tourist attractions, for example – the Hoover Dam.

 Closing of gambling in Las Vegas would mean a significant reduction in tourist flows, which would inevitably lead to large financial losses. Gambling brings the state budget tax revenues that are larger than a charge for sales tax.

 The situation is even more dangerous is issued based on the fact that every fourth employee of State engaged in the hospitality and service industry. A state production generates $ 68 billion.

 Officials still do not have information about how many people have applied for unemployment benefits. But the governor maintains a cheerful mood and says that the state will cope. Besides, he adds, that will apply for additional assistance received from the federal government.

 50 cases of infection with a coronavirus, one person died in the Nevada officially registered.

 Recall that shares of gambling companies rushed down even before the news of the termination of terrestrial objects. Details – here.

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